ART basel // dec 6th - 10th


Ready, JETset... SLAY! Join us for the world's leading art show, Art Basel in Miami, South Beach. Join the SLAY in the SPIRIT team for a thoughtfully curated artistic travel experience. 

Your all-inclusive pricing includes:

* daily breakfast at South Beach Hotel partner

* Dinner at the Versace Mansion

* Admission to the Art Basel Exhibit (Convention Center)

* Admission to the SCOPE Art Exhibit (South Beach)

* Admission to the Vizcaya Museum

* Trip to the Wynwood Arts & Shopping District

* Sunset Cruise Touring Miami South Beach

and more!

(transportation included)


New york fashion week

 // Feb 7th - 11th


Grab your gals, its time to hit the runway! Join us for NYFW, the fashion industry's to coveted event of the season. 

Your all inclusive pricing includes:

* Admission to over 30 NYFW designer runway shows with FRONT ROW seating

* daily photographer for #ootd photos

+ fire-side chat with SLAY in the SPIRIT Founders

and more!


upcoming events

monday, october 22nd at 12pm ESt// q&a w/tasha darden


thursday, november 5th at 6:30PM eSt // q&A w/ Breanna arthur

wednesday, november 21st at 2pm ESt // q&A w/ tarah-lynn f.